EDITORIAL: Stimpert replaced, exact reasons left unknown to community


Two weeks before students were set to return to campus, members of the DePauw community received the saddening news that President Brian Casey is on his way out at the end of this academic year. However, this is not the only change among DePauw administration that has occurred recently.

Larry Stimpert has been removed from the position of vice president of academic affairs (VPAA) and replaced by Anne Harris. Stimpert was part of a nation wide search, while Harris was internally selected. Harris’ appointment to the position of VPAA means that, unlike Stimpert who was chosen by the faculty, the faculty had absolutely no input in the decision. 

The VPAA works directly under the president and plays an important role in the daily running of the university. This position guides the conversations and policy changes that drastically impact the academics of the university and the day to day life of the faculty.

No exact reasoning behind this transition has been provided to the general DePauw community despite inquiries from many people, including the staff at The DePauw. Instead, all that is left is rumors and speculation. As an Editorial Board, we feel that the vague answers provided by the administration are not adequate. Especially given that unlike the other cases of administration personnel changes, this one comes abruptly and right at the end of Casey’s term.