In these recent weeks, Tuesday afternoons have been filled with melodies wafting through the air of DePauw’s campus. Walking from afar, the music coming from Stewart Plaza never fails to captivate the curiosity of many students, leading them to a “Concert in the Park” directed by Steeve Nsangou ‘25 in collaboration with the DePauw International Student Association (DISA). More than just a music event, “Concert in the Park” is a celebration of the transformative power of music and arts as a tool for healing, self-expression, and community fostering.

Reminiscing on why he came up with the idea of this concert series, Nsangou shared that his love for music was born from his own experiences performing with DePauw’s X-Cell dance group during his freshman year. It was at X-Cell that he discovered the function of arts as a form of self-liberation, through which he found a supportive community where he could grow and flourish as the true version of himself. Specifically, the sense of fulfillment when Nsangou choreographed a dance piece and performed at the Artwalk showcase made him realize a desire to deliver the same feelings to others through the arts.

One highlight of the most recent concert is the song “Garden” by Fuji Kaze, which holds a special place in Nsangou's heart as a core memory shared with friends during a group project. Each song performed at “Concert in the Park” evokes a unique emotion and tells a different story, connecting people through shared experiences and a shared love for music. Besides, a personal favorite of the editor would be "Sunday Candy,” a heartfelt tribute from Nsangou to his mother and his hometown where he spent most of his time growing up — Chicago. It is through songs like these that the concert seeks to foster an environment of love, joy, and appreciation for arts.

“Concert in the Park” was held on April 11 and April 16, promising to bring about even more soulful music performances in its last showcase on April 23. Nsangou expressed his appreciation for DISA and many friends who supported him throughout the series, through which he proved that arts do not need to be expensive, as he was able to execute the project using a limited budget. Through the series, Nsangou hopes to build a community of “the garden,” at the heart of which lies a vision of inclusivity and growth, “much like a flourishing garden where diversity is celebrated and imperfections are embraced.” Nsangou's goal is to create a welcoming community centered around diverse forms of arts, one that is self-sustaining and accessible to all. Through “Concert in the Park” and the debut of “the garden,” he hopes to provide a space where people can come together to express themselves with art and create lasting memories.