DISA Fiesta, hosted by the DePauw International Student Association, took place this Friday, March 8. This is DISA’s first event this semester, which promised to offer an exciting journey through international sports for DePauw students.

This event was rooted in a unique idea first seen on campus. In collaboration with J-Club, NAIPA, and Cricket Club, DISA Fiesta got participants immersed in a vibrant journey of cultures through the eight different sports offered. Together with Cricket Club, J-Club hosted sumo wrestling and rope jumping.NAIPA hosted Mississippian chunkey and Plains double ball. DISA also offered shuttlecock kicking and tug of war.

Taking the event a step further, participants get bubble tea, accompanied by playing sports. The casual and friendly atmosphere provided during DISA Fiesta not only encourages students to engage in sports but also offers a comfortable space for socializing. The event became a perfect place for students to relax, connect, and enjoy a variety of international sports in a welcoming and vibrant environment.

Moeez Malik, a Student Leader from DISA, shared: “We are all so excited for DISA Fiesta. The rationale behind our event is simple yet super essential. Back home, cricket has always been my favorite sport. Being at DePauw, even though I really enjoy immersing myself in a diversity of sports available on campus, a lot of times, I do wish I had the chance to take up cricket again. Thus, DISA came up with this event not only as a way to let international students relive some of their favorite sports from home, but also to introduce sports from all around the world to any students who are interested in DePauw's campus.”

DISA Fiesta is more than just an event for international students, it is also a precious opportunity for students all over DePauw to engage and learn so much more about sports from different cultures. As the international community of DePauw University is much larger every year, DISA’s efforts have contributed to making this community a safe and welcoming place for everyone from all corners of the world. International Formal, DISA's largest event this semester, is said to take place in April and is definitely worth looking out for!