On Friday, April 5, Dharma hosted a Queen’s Ball in collaboration with the DePauw Muslim Student Association (MSA) and Sigma Chi. Over 120 students registered for the ball to enjoy a night filled with live music, South Asian cuisines, and dancing. 

Last year, Dharma hosted a Bridgerton Ball in celebration of the South Asian culture and heritage represented in the popular Netflix television series Bridgerton. Dharma collaborated with MSA and Sigma Chi this year to involve a wider variety of people in this tradition. 

Co-President of MSA, Maheen Mirza ‘26, recognized the influence that the Netflix production had in reaching a diverse audience. “Besides the cast itself and changing the book’s story, [Bridgerton] also featured classical renditions of South Asian songs that many of us grew up with, which made our community feel connected and seen in a way that is not common in Western Media,” Mirza said. 

Tapan Mandal ‘26 has served as Dharma’s Treasurer and Sigma Chi’s Scholarship and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Chair, and his involvement in both organizations allowed him to organize a DEI event for his fraternity. The Queen’s Ball served as a “celebration of diverse representation in the media and contemporary shows,” Mandal said. 

Aahad Vakani ‘26 is in a similar position as Mandal, being involved in all three organizations since his freshman year. “Being an international student and in all three organizations lets you do a lot on campus,” Vakani said. 

The organization’s executives transformed the Union Building Ballroom with fairy lights and a handmade floral arch. Throughout the night, students donned in formal attire enjoyed a 360 photo booth, partook in ballroom dancing accompanied by the Kirk String Quartet’s live performance, and indulged in an array of South Asian dishes, including biriyani, chana masala, rasmalai, and strawberry lassi. 

According to Dharma’s Co-President Manashi Adhikari ‘24, Dharma intends to make the ball an annual event and looks forward to collaborating with MSA and Sigma Chi again for future events. “As always, it was an absolute pleasure working with them, and I hope that we can continue our friendship and camaraderie with both the organizations and hopefully do more events together in the future,” Adhikari said.