DePauw’s Unsung Heroes: Facilities Management


If you didn’t realize already, Indiana weather is unpredictable, and this winter has been no exception. We went from subzero temperatures and school closures due to frostbite being likely in under ten minutes to spring-like temperatures and excess sunshine in just a few days (global warming isn’t real, huh?). But through it all, the one constant has been the unfailing and always reliable work of DePauw’s Facilities Management team.

When the sidewalks are covered in slick ice, Facilities Management is there to save the campus community from the embarrassment and possible danger of falling. They spread salt over every sidewalk when the rain decides it wants to freeze and they scrape every sidewalk free from snow before the sun even has a chance to melt it. And yes, they fix every burst pipe and leak when residents leave their windows open (please, close your windows).

While many students were indoors this past Sunday, watching as our campus was covered in a fresh layer of snow, a small army of Facilities Management workers was out making it possible for us to get safely from place to place.  

And all of this work is in addition to their normal duties. They’re the ones whocome at 2:30 a.m. to shut off your beeping CO2 alarm. They’re the ones who make sure residence halls and campus are clean of trash. They are also the ones who send campus-wide emails to alert the campus community of potential hazards, thus aiming to keep us safe.

The amount and quality of work they do are admirable and sometimes goes unrecognized. DePauw Facilities Management, thank you.