August 16, 2023, marks the beginning of the First-Year Orientation Week for the Class of 2027! With the excitement of welcoming another amazing class, in this article we will take a look at some of the outstanding events in the upcoming week. The detailed schedule of  Orientation Week can be found below. 

Saturday (August 19) | First-year Convocation & Meet your Mentor!

The annual Convocation is a DePauw welcoming tradition for new students where they will walk together alongside the administrators, professors and staff members around the campus. Upperclass students will go out to cheer and greet the first-years as they take proud steps towards the Green Center for a formal remark from President Lori White. The event will be livestreamed and translators will be available in Spanish, Vietnamese and Mandarin. First-year students will later be introduced to their mentors, who will be great resources throughout their first year at DePauw.

Sunday (August 20) | Class of 2027 Photo & Building Community!

Don your DePauw t-shirt and gather at the Green Center for Performative Arts (GCPA) for a group photo with your fellow students of Class 2027! The photo will later be hung at the Union Building (UB) to celebrate your arrival. In the afternoon and evening, Student Affairs, Campus Activities and your mentors will guide you through interactive activities where you can get involved with community services and construct a sense of belonging on campus.

Monday (August 21) | Throughout-the-day Advising Sessions & Prindlepalooza!

After attending a talk about the values of the Liberal Arts education with Dr. Dave Berque, first-year students are free to sign up for appointments with faculty advisors, administrators and staff members to learn more about academic resources, community engagement and on-campus employment. In the evening, shuttles will be available to take you to The Prindle Institute for Ethics for the annual Prindlepalooza. Learn more about the Prindle Institute and enjoy a good time of free merch, food trucks and games with your friends!

Tuesday (August 22) | Culture of Care Sessions!

Just academic excellence is not enough to have a fulfilling life. Understanding that, throughout Tuesday there will be multiple opportunities to learn more about maintaining your mental well-being, cultivating an equitable community and preserving your safety. Familiarize yourself with helpful on-campus resources at DePauw such as the Counseling services, Women’s Center, Center for Diversity & Inclusion and Police Department!

Wednesday (August 23) | Classes Start!

The first day of class can be both exciting and nerve-racking. Nevertheless, the wonderful faculty members and Peer Mentors will do their best to support you and cultivate the most diverse and inclusive learning environment as possible. So check your classrooms’ location (using your E-services account), make sure you have all necessary supplies in your backpack and celebrate this milestone together!

Thursday (August 24) | CDI Block Party!

What would be a better way to celebrate your first classes than to have a party? A CDI Block Party, that is! Gather at the Center for Diversity & Inclusion (CDI) to enjoy good music with live DJs and good food with local Food Trucks. CDI-affiliated clubs, organizations and Greek houses will host information tables, ready to answer any questions that you might have. There are also many fun carnival games such as Human Foosball and Human Billiards!

Friday (August 25) | Activities Fair!

Don’t miss out on one of the most anticipated annual events at DePauw! At the Activities Fair, located at the Stewart Plaza (right in front of the East College facing Hoover Dining Hall), you have the opportunity to learn more about the clubs, organizations and Greek houses (Fraternity & Sorority Life) on campus. Each organization will have its own booth with information boards, flyers and special merchandise for you to pick up. There will also be performances from DePauw dance teams and Greek communities. The Activities Fair promises to be a great chance to meet new people and a high note to end your first week of class!

These are just some of the many amazing events where you can get connected with the myriad of opportunities at DePauw. Keep yourself updated by checking your Orientation Week schedule, following the Instagram account of on-campus clubs & organizations, looking out for weekly newsletters from Campus Activities and checking regularly for events/conferences on Handshake!