On May 2, DePauwCappella held its Spring concert in Meharry Hall of East College, bringing together students, alumni, faculties, and families to showcase their works from the semester. 

Composed of talented individuals from freshmen to seniors, DePauwCapella is an auditioned student SATB choir (Soprano-Alto-Tenor-Bass) united by their shared passion for music and singing. Dressed in vibrant floral attire, the members of DePauwCapella exuded the essence of spring as they took the stage.

The concert kicked off with a rendition of  "Carry On My Wayward Son" by Kansas, arranged by Ty Wemhoff  ‘27, featuring soloist and graduating senior Madalyn Sailors ‘24, a dedicated member of DePauwCapella throughout her time at DePauw. In a touching tribute mid-show, Zoë Kales ‘25 presented Sailors with flowers and delivered a heartfelt speech honoring Sailors' contributions to DePauwCapella.

Throughout the night, the audience was treated to a diverse setlist of pop hits, including arrangements by Zoë Kales ‘25 and Ty Wemhoff  ‘27, as well as selections from the acapella group Pentatonix and other artists. The performance featured diverse song formations and voice parts, while beatboxer Kazuki Aoyama ‘26 provided rhythmic accompaniment for many of the songs.

The highlight of the night was the arrangement by Wemhoff of Adele's "Rumor Has It," featuring a stunning solo by Taylor Perez ‘26, whose bright voice fitted perfectly to the song to accentuate its meaning. In his arrangement, Wemhoff also creatively incorporates different tempos and handclaps. 

Another fan’s favorite was the Taylor Swift Eras Medley, arranged by Zoë Kales ‘25, which took the audience on a nostalgic journey through the iconic singer's career. The exciting medley of the household name excited the audience, as many were singing and clapping along. 

Despite the hecticness of the Spring semester, the concert proved to be a resounding success, leaving the audience entertained and fulfilled with the quality of songs they had delivered. As DePauwCapella looks ahead to future concerts and auditions, interested individuals are encouraged to follow the group's Instagram page for updates and information.