DePauw wins sixth-straight President's Trophy


The DePauw spring athletic teams came out on top once again after a spring season full of highlights, big wins and personal triumphs for players across the board.

 DePauw finished its last year in the Southern Collegiate Athletic conference, taking home the President's Trophy for the sixth year in a row. The trophy, a 300-pound bell, goes to the school with the best overall sports record for that year.

At the end of the fall sports season the Tigers jumped out to an early 37.5-point lead over Centre College. After the Winter, DePauw more than doubled the lead to 80 points over Centre and Trinity University, which were tied for second. The lead grew once again in the spring and the school finished 105 points ahead of of Trinity for their seventh victory in 13 years in the SCAC.

 Next year, DePauw will be fighting for the North Coast Athletic Conference's All Sports Trophy, the equivalent of the President's Trophy.

Athletic Director Page Cotton said that he was unsure what would happen to the President's Trophy seeing how it is our last year in the SCAC. This could mean, however, that the winners of the President's Trophy next year will accept the traveling trophy from a school outside of their conference entirely, a team against whom the winners never played during regular-season or postseason play.