On April 18, DePauw University announced President Lori S. White's official partnership with College Presidents for Civic Preparedness to uphold freedom of expression on campus. 

This involves collaboration with 60 university presidents across the nation to address pressing issues around higher education institutions and national democracy. 

Through the university's partnership with the Institute for Citizens and Scholars, White aims to strengthen DePauw's commitment to free expression by addressing urgent issues in higher education and national democracy.

The announcement follows an increase in student protests throughout the 2023-2024 academic year, including opposition toward the newly established School of Business and Leadership. In May 2023, the university also introduced controversial changes through the sunsetting of the Honor Scholars program, which was eventually extended to 2028. On Feb. 8, Posse scholars also protested outside a Board of Trustees retreat alleging mistreatment and neglect from DePauw representatives.

Furthermore, President White emphasized her focus on the "free exchange of ideas" through "education, dialogue, and democratic engagement" under her membership in the consortium's Founder's Circle.  The university also plans to produce campus-specific programming to reflect the goals and shared Civic Commitments of the consortium. This provides a framework for “civic readiness within higher education.”