DePauw Public Safety employee Doug Cox leaving department


After 27 years of service to DePauw University, Doug Cox announced that he will be retiring from his position as coordinator of emergency management after this academic year.
In 1985, Cox started at DePauw with basic consulting. In 1986, the university hired him as the director of DePauw Public Safety. Cox has been very impressed with the developments that have been made in the public safety department since his arrival.
"When I came here in 1986, there were only three of us," Cox said. "We didn't even have a 24-hour operation. I'm very proud of how the department evolved and developed over the years that I have directed [it] to the point of where it's basically at its current staffing."
There are currently 19 staff members associated with public safety, including Cox himself, and it now operates 24 hours every day, seven days a week.
Cox said the development of this department and his success has been a team effort. He recognizes all of those who have worked around him, including his mentors Bill Meehan and Ed Ypma, as well as the current director of public safety, Angela Nally.
"I very much will always remember the positive support from the faculty, administration and trustees and students," Cox said.
For the majority of Cox's time at DePauw, he served as director of public safety. He has served as the emergency management coordinator since stepping down from the director position in January 2008.
Cox enjoys playing his acoustic guitar in his leisure time and has been playing the guitar since he was a teenager.
"Although it doesn't make me a great guitar player," Cox said. "It just makes me passionate about music."
Besides music interests, Cox has a passion for research as well as reading, outdoor recreation, politics and gardening.
In addition to his personal hobbies, Cox also has enjoyed witnessing new academic, athletic, construction programs and operations that have been implemented at DePauw.
One of Cox's favorite parts about working at DePauw was interacting with students. Given that Public Safety shadows the commencement march each spring, Cox loves to watch students that he is close with graduate from DePauw.
"There is nothing more gratifying than students who I work closely with, to step out of line and shake my hand or give me a hug," Cox said. "At that point you know it is all worth it, the highs and lows, you know it has all been worth it."
He impacted students as well. First-year Liz Fraser believes that Cox has had an influence on students, and it will be strange not to have him in the public safety department at DePauw.
"I think it could potentially change a lot on campus," Fraser said. "He had a good relationship with DePauw students."
First-year Megan Angers agrees.
"I think Doug Cox has done a great job at positively influencing students and their life style regarding alcohol consumption throughout his career," Angers said.
Cox has always enjoyed change here at DePauw. He believes the institution will continue to improve for the benefit of the students.
"Embrace change and be self-aware when it's time to step aside and let fresher voices lead the vision of DePauw," Cox said.
Although Cox is leaving the department of public safety, he is not leaving the university completely. He is excited to work in the nature park in the future with current DePauw park ranger Brien Holsapple and his team.