DePauw Plans for Students to Return in August


Plans to return to on-campus, in-person learning were announced in a recent email from Student Academic Life. 

The email states plans to build “safeguards” into student life, citing “possible modifications to the timing of planned breaks, the academic calendar, class schedules, class locations and housing arrangements.” 

For students and faculty who are unable to return to campus, remote options will also be available.

DePauw Administration said that it is important to signal to current students that an effort is being made to not be an online institution and that prospective students can still receive the full "DePauw experience," said Vice President for Enrollment Management Robert Andrews. 

Students will be asked to maintain social distancing, wear protective masks, and limit group gatherings based on Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

"We feel like we have a good understanding of the virus as it stands in Putnam County, Greencastle, and how that affects our students ability to come to campus and what safety protocols are in place," said Andrews. 

Despite the announcement, plans for fall enrollment remain flexible based on the measures that the CDC, the White Course, or the World Health Organization put out for the central Indiana region, added Andrews.

More details will be announced in early June.