DePauw COVID-19 Status Remains Orange


As of yesterday, Dec. 1, DePauw’s mitigation team declared the campus COVID-19 status as orange, meaning “COVID-19 is managed on our campus, but cases of COVID-19 are not confined to well-defined clusters on our campus,” according to the COVID-19 Dashboard

“We have been asked by community members to continue to be vigilant with washing hands, monitoring how they feel, choosing to stay home if needed and immediately reporting symptoms to DePauw Health Wellness Center,” Mariel Wilderson, assistant vice president for University communications and marketing and member of DePauw’s mitigation team, said. 

The DePauw administration urges students to continue following COVID-19 guidelines and obtain proper flu and booster vaccinations as they return to campus following Thanksgiving break. 

The FDA has expanded eligibility for COVID-19 vaccine boosters to include all individuals who are 18 years or older and have had their primary vaccination. For those students or employees who wish to make an appointment to receive the COVID-19 booster shot locally, openings can be found at