The annual Christmas event of the DePauw School of Music–the Holiday Gala–occurred on Dec. 2 and 3 in Kresge Auditorium of Green Center for the Performing Arts. The lobby of GCPA was decorated with lights and an inflatable balloon in a snowman form. Many people from the town, including DePauw students and their families, came to enjoy the performance. The seats were almost full–one of the biggest performances of the semester. 

The show was performed not only by the students at DePauw from different fields including theater, band, orchestra, and choir, but also had special guests. The show started with music called “Hot Chocolate” from the DePauw Jazz Ensemble and then a short skit from Little Women, performed by members of DePauw Theatre. Although the DePauw orchestra and ensemble have performed a few times throughout the semester, what made the Holiday Gala special was that the music was based on Christmas and the holidays. While all the performances had their fascination and uniqueness, they had a sense of unity within the Christmas theme. 

Image credit: Ahnaf Labib.

Some personal highlights of the performance were the tap dance by the Red Hot Chili Tappers, DePauw Capella, and the Percussion Ensemble. When the DePauw University Orchestra was playing “Parade of the Wooden Soldiers” by Leon Jessel, arranged by Ralph Ford, the Red Hot Chili Tappers performed on stage. The way they showed up to the stage was humorous, walking to the center in one line almost like a robot.

The acapella performed by Chamber Singers and Vox Animae was creative. The song is called “The 12 Days of Christmas,” and it is about what people are supposed to do in preparation for Christmas. The way they manifested the process of preparation was interesting, and it showed how people think and view differently about the Christmas holiday.

Credit: Ahnaf Labib

The Christmas medley played by the DePauw Percussion Ensemble was also impressive. The songs were arranged in a minor key and produced a mystery and dark atmosphere. However, the sound of the marimba and glockenspiel created a brighter atmosphere on the dark stage.

Credit: Ahnaf Labib

In the end, the audience had a chance to sing along to Christmas hymns and carols with the DePauw University Band, as they do every year. Following the conductor, the audience joyfully sang along.

Santa Claus also came down on the stage to share snacks and candies with the audience, particularly with the children. After the performance, people lined up to take pictures with Santa Claus. There was also a box where you could write a letter to Santa and send it to him. 

The Holiday Gala was a big success this year. Many people enjoyed and had a great time with their families and friends.