Delayed Move-In Due to Missing COVID-19 Test Results


Although most DePauw students have returned to campus during previous move-in dates, the majority of underclassmen not already on campus were set to move in on Sunday, Feb. 21. However, some students scheduled for this move-in date are experiencing delays due to missing COVID-19 test results.

When DePauw was preparing students for Spring semester move-in, they offered to send students take-home COVID-19 testing kits to those who requested them. The testing kits were mailed out early February, and students were instructed to take and mail their test on Feb. 15. The mailing was for priority overnight shipment via FedEx, so students expected to obtain their results within two days.

On Thursday night, however, DePauw sent out an email to these students stating that there would be a delay in obtaining their results due to weather conditions. They advised these students to take PCR COVID-19 tests at their local testing centers, emphasizing that antigen tests would not be accepted. Students could be reimbursed for purchasing these tests, with their student account being credited for the cost of the test, if they provide the itemized receipt, bill from the provider showing their name, the date of the test and, the cost of the test.

A week has passed from the original mail-in date, and the test results via DePauw’s take-home kit still have not come in for several students. These students have had to rely on the COVID-19 tests from their local clinics.

Some students obtained results from their local testing centers just in time to make their scheduled Sunday move in, while others have experienced move-in delays by still waiting on their results.

Students who could not move in Feb. 21 will be provided move-in opportunities on Monday, Feb. 22, Tuesday, Feb. 23, Wednesday, Feb. 24, Saturday, Feb. 27 and Sunday, Feb. 28. The time slots are Monday through Wednesday 1-4 p.m, Saturday 10 a.m.-12 p.m. and Sunday is still to be determined. Students can expect to take a rapid test in the Union Ballroom once they arrive at the university.