Djo’s sophomore solo album "Decide" is Joe Keery’s declaration that he isn’t just another actor releasing an album. Keery hones in his hybrid sound of psychedelic rock and synth-pop all while wearing an unkempt wig and sunglasses.

Keery’s "Decide" welcomes listeners into a state of ecstasy. "Decide" is an easy album to press play and vibe. The lyrics are simple and the melodies are catchy. The meaning of the music falls more on the feeling it gives the listener rather than a deep-cut meaning. 

According to an interview with DIY Magazine, Keery “didn't just want to be a dumb actor who releases an album.” Djo is Keery’s musical persona. Hence why he sports a shaggy, '70s-inspired wig on stage. Keery is multi-talented in his music and his acting career, most notably as Steve Harrington in Netflix’s Stranger Things. He told Pitchfork magazine that the Djo persona would separate himself as Joe Keery the actor and Djo the musician. 

The album kicks off with “Runner.” The neon chords and quick synth beat are reminiscent of an arcade video game. The fast tempo and synths may make Gen Z listeners feel like they’re playing a level of the iPhone game Geometry Dash. Heavier bass synths are introduced with Keery’s vocals coming from a sort of talk box device roughly halfway through the track. “Runner” reflects the sound of what is to come in the rest of the album.

Keery pulls influences from the psychedelic rock era artists like The Beatles and Pink Floyd. A more modern influence is Tame Impala. “Change” is very Tame Impala-esque with heavy synths, layered vocals, and a floaty beat. “Change” is one of the more funky tracks blending a 70s dance grove whilst continuing the psychedelic vibe. He sings about unintentionally changing for a person he loves, singing “Something’s happening to me” and putting the responsibility for the change out of his control.

One of the stranger tracks, “Fool,” captures Keery’s feelings about being a performer in the public eye. Keery whispers, talks, and sings in this track, making it the most memorable lyrically. It begins with Keery singing “That’s not right, there’s a person behind those eyes”. These lyrics capture a psychedelic feeling with a subtle synth chord progression as Keery's deep vocals sing the lyrics slowly and directly to the listener. Keery breaks the fourth wall with “Fool” by lyrics targeting an audience of a singular listener. He is singing to you directly. “Fool” captures the anxiety-inducing emotions of constantly being watched, an experience that Keery deals with on a daily basis as his celebrity status has grown significantly from Stranger Things.

Most Djo tracks follow a similar formula with catchy melodies and psychedelic feels, but “End of Beginning” stands apart from the rest of the tracks. With over 3 million videos using the song on TikTok, its virality is attributed to Keery capturing the feeling of homesickness and yearning to return to the old version of himself. Keery sings about his hometown Chicago, Illinois, but TikTok users use his song over any series of pictures that resonate with their feeling of home. Keery’s vocals are isolated moving into the final chorus when he sings: “You take the man out of the city, not the city out the man.” He sings these lyrics with more rapture than any other vocals on the album. “End of Beginning” is unlike most of "Decide,” but mirrors Keery’s lyrical and production talent.

"Decide" is a genre-bending, must-listen-to album. Much of "Decide" lacks a deeper meaning. Though “Fool” and “End of Beginning” send strong lyrical messages to the audience, the other tracks are sustained mainly by the instrumental sound. This is not to say instrumental sounds do not carry meaning, but the bulk of “Decide” has the same synth electronic sound that becomes monotonous. However, it is an easy record to just sit back and absorb. In 13 tracks, Keery shows off his musical talent and is having fun doing it. "Decide" and “End of Beginning” have Djo fans excited for what is to come on this journey of galactic synth-pop.