College Life-Hacks: the Wonderful World of Student Discounts


What if businesses everywhere handed out free things and discounts to college students just for being in college? Surprise—they do! Here is a list of some of these benefits that DePauw students can take advantage of:

 Travel: According to, leading airlines offer special discounts to students. Delta Student, along with Virgin Atlantic, offer opportunities to secure up to 40 cheap flights between North America and the United Kingdom. AAdvantage Loyalty Program offered through American Airlines and GroupsPlus program of United Airlines offer cheap student discounts as well. Apart from the airline discounts, Student Universe is a popular choice among students when it comes to travel packages and promo codes.  

Free Books: The library is not the only place to get free books. On, students can access free public domain books and textbooks from multiple websites. Project Gutenberg has over 30,000 titles in the form of eBooks, while Online Library of Liberty contains electronic copies of classic books, mainly for literature students. Open Book Project and TextBook Revolution also have thousands of free eBooks and PDF resources for students to access. 

 Electronics and Software: Trying to save money? Here’s a solution. DePauw provides students with many free electronic resources. Hamayl Afzal, first-year, is majoring in computer science. She used some of these resources for her computer science class. 

“I needed Microsoft Office and BlueJ, and I found them for free by talking to the registrar’s office and accessing DePauw’s website,” Afzal said. 

Microsoft isn’t the only resource available to students. According to, Amazon offers a free 6-month membership to college students with free two-day shipping. After 6 months, students get a 50% discount. Spotify also charges students half the standard rate: $4.99 instead of  $9.99. Apple Music, Adobe and Squarespace are also available at cheaper rates.

 Clothing: Why are we all waiting for Black Friday deals? There are numerous discounts available right now for you to use. Ellie Todd ‘23, used  student discounts at some clothing brands. 

“I once went to Banana Republic and got a 15% discount on my ID and I also remember receiving a 15% discount at Levi’s,” Todd said.