With the increasing number of computer science degree-seeking students, one sophomore founded the DePauw chapter of the Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) this summer to improve peer collaboration within the academic community.

Globally recognized, the GDSC is a student-led community nurturing university students’ passion for technology. From hosting workshops and coding challenges to inviting industry professionals for speaker sessions, GDSC emphasizes practical application and empowers students to expand their knowledge, skills, and

Image of Sami Cheema '26. Credit: Ahnaf Labib

network in the tech industry.

Sami Cheema ‘26 recognized how DePauw students often engross themselves in individual coursework and personal projects but often omit collaboration, which he believes is essential for software development. 

I was honored to be selected to spearhead GDSC at DePauw, [...] where students could share ideas, collaborate, and collectively engage in innovative projects, addressing the existing gap in our college's tech community," Cheema said.

Since its inception this summer, GDSC has strived to meet the increasing needs of DePauw students’ interests in the tech industry. Students can look forward to three upcoming GDSC events on campus, dates to be announced:

  • From networking to gaining valuable insight into the industry, DevFest is a day full of workshops, discussions, and sessions led by industry experts and enthusiasts (date TBD).
  • For students looking for practical application of problem-solving, GDSC is hosting the Solution Challenge, where students will use Google technologies to incorporate creativity and innovation for real-world issues (applications were due November 18). 
  • Students seeking to explore Machine Learning (ML) technologies and applications may attend ML Study Jams, which includes information sessions and hands-on opportunities (date TBD).