At DePauw University, a group of compassionate students have come together to ensure the welfare of the campus's homeless cat population. Known as the DePauw Campus Cat Allies (DCCA), the club is dedicated to creating and implementing humane solutions to care for the feline residents that call the DePauw grounds home.

"The campus cats have always been and will likely continue to be around. It's crucial that there are people looking out for them, and for the campus community to be aware of their presence," explains Brynn Kelly ‘26, President of DCCA.

The primary mission of DCCA is to provide consistent care and monitoring for the approximately four "official" campus cats. These felines, primarily located around the Harrison Hall area, receive daily meals and fresh water through a network of four feeding stations set up across campus.

"All (known) cats of the campus cat colony have gone through the TNR process," Kelly notes, referring to the trap-neuter-return method used to humanely manage feral and stray cat populations. "We also help monitor the campus cat population through this process."

In addition to the feeding stations, DCCA has installed insulated shelters at each location to provide the cats with warm and safe spaces. The club coordinates a daily feeding schedule with members signing up to check the stations and replenish food and water as needed.

Image of a member filling food bowl at Bishop Roberts station

Leonie Nguyen ‘27, a DCCA member, shared her experience: "I’m in charge of refilling food and water at Bishop Roberts station on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. I don't usually see the cats at the station, but I have encountered them frequently in front of Hoover and Harrison Hall. They are a bit shy, so they tend to eat at night, and the food trays are always empty when I check them in the morning."

Image of Leonie Nguyen ‘27

Currently, DCCA is raising awareness about its efforts through social media, sharing informational materials, and hoping to expand its outreach and engagement with the broader DePauw and Greencastle communities. "Getting to sit with, feed, and pet the campus cats is always memorable!" Kelly shares. "We encourage students and community members to get involved with DCCA through our Instagram and GroupMe to join our feeding schedule and support our efforts."

By providing food, shelter, and veterinary care for the DePauw campus cats, DCCA is ensuring that these furry friends can continue to thrive on the university grounds. Through their dedicated work, these cat allies are making a tangible difference in the lives of the felines that have made DePauw their home.