On the evening of March 14 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 pm, Marcus Hayes, the Dean of the Creative School, led a Salsa Workshop hosted through a collaboration between CLC (The Committee of Latinx Concerns) and La Fuerza Latina in the UB living room. The event also acted as a fundraiser, from which the proceeds from the food sold went towards La Fuerza’s charitable activities. 

The event was successful, with many students sharing positive reviews. CLC and La Fuerza presidents Emily Perez ’25 and Jackie Matos ’24, respectively, commented on the importance for their organizations to host such events and the intention behind the collaboration. Participating DePauw students, Caitlyn Araujo ’26 and Litzy Alba ’26  spoke on behalf of the students present at the event and the student body as a whole, sharing their opinions on why they enjoy attending such events.  

“I think it’s really important to connect with the Latino community here at DePauw, and, therefore, I think it’s a great opportunity to use the organizations that are here on campus and also collaborate, so this is our first time collaborating with CLC this semester. We’re looking forward to continuing collaborating with them and bringing more Latinos together into these organizations,” Perez said.

Likewise, Matos noted,“A big part of CLC is bridging that gap and reprogramming that not only appreciates Latinx culture but also highlights the students we have here on campus. I think that was a really big goal of this event, especially with La Fuerza Latina because dance is a really big form of resistance. Being on DePauw’s campus, which is majority white, I think it’s a beautiful thing that we can bring not only our general body members and teach them Salsa if they do know it, or they don’t, or if they are proficient.”


Araujo shared, “I like events like this because we are obviously in a predominantly white institution, so like going to classes in the hallways everything in conversations there’s never people that can relate to me or look like me, so when we throw events like this it gives people that space. I also am surrounded by people I can relate to, have fun with, and be myself. Also, especially when we don’t have a lot of space beside the CDI, it can show people that they can come here, they can be with their friends, and enjoy a space like the UB.” 

“I like events like this because they remind me of my culture, and, even though we go to a predominantly white university, it’s always good to stick with your roots,” Alba expressed. “It’s also fun having events that represent different cultures, not just one specific one. For example, CLC is not just Mexican culture, but it represents Latin America as a whole, and at La Fuerza, we try to embrace other cultures. Like, for example for La Fuerza, we’re doing a Samba dance which is Brazilian this semester, we’re doing Cumbia which is Mexican, and we’re doing Salsa which is usually more in Columbia. I just like going to these events because it’s a way to share culture but also take a piece of home as well.” 

CLC and La Fuerza Latina continue to strive towards creating Latin-inspired events to foster community and inclusivity for the Latino community at DePauw and to highlight meaningful cultural activities such as dancing.