City lights to cornfields


The DePauw asked freshman Posse Scholars Jim Easterhouse and Estrella DeLaTorre how Greencastle measures up to big city life.

TDP: What are your first impressions of Greencastle?

Jim Easterhouse (JE): Greencastle is just like my hometown in the way that it is a very nice and comfortable place to live. I feel comfortable walking around my hometown to stores and restaurants, and I have felt the same way about Greencastle in my first two weeks here. My hometown is five minutes outside of the Chicago suburbs, and a 15-minute drive or 20-minute train ride from the heart of downtown Chicago. Knowing that the nearest true, large city, which I consider Indianapolis, is 45 minutes away is very weird.

TDP: What is the most difficult adjustment you have had to make?

JE: I think just knowing that I won't be able to be around the city and experience what it has to offer kind of scares me. Between work and other activities, I was in the heart of downtown Chicago nearly every day. Whenever someone mentions ‘downtown Greencastle,' I get confused. Our versions of ‘downtown' are very different.

TDP: Do you feel like you fit in at DePauw?

JE: Being on such a diverse campus makes it possible for anyone to fit in here. Within my first day alone, I met kids from India, China and Italy. As long as you put yourself out there, anyone can and will love it here. The upperclass cross-country runners have done a great job of helping me feel welcome and enjoy the sport at the same time. I am very grateful for them.

TDP: What is Greencastle like compared to your hometown?

Estrella DeLaTorre (ED): Greencastle is nothing like my hometown, New York City. New York is fast paced and very business-oriented. Greencastle is more relaxed and all about creating a strong, well-knit community.

TDP: What difference have you enjoyed the most?

ED: In New York, if you walk down the street greeting everyone on the sidewalk, people will look at you as if you had multiple heads. Here in Greencastle, and especially on DePauw's campus, saying hello to the people you pass is normal. I love that. I love the open and friendly environment of Greencastle.

TDP: Is Greencastle too small?

ED: Greencastle is the perfect size for a college town. It's not so big that you find yourself lost, and it's not so small that you feel as if you see the same people and experience the same things every day.

TDP: Do you feel at home here?

ED: Not yet. In time, I know I will get into the swing of college life. It won't take long for me to start calling DePauw my home.

Easterhouse is from Chicago.

DeLaTorre is from New York City.

What is a Posse Scholar?

The Posse Foundation selects public high school students with academic and leadership potential to receive four-year, full-tuition scholarships for colleges and universities across the United States partnering with the foundation. DePauw partners with Posse Chicago and Posse New York City.