"Unreal Unearth," painted a vivid picture of a sonic journey through the nine circles of Hell. Now, with the release of his accompanying EP, "Unheard," Hozier extends the themes and musical richness of his previous work, offering listeners four new tracks that nearly made it onto the original album.

The EP begins with "Too Sweet," a song that delves into the twisted notion of gluttony, where the protagonist finds solace in bitterness rather than sweetness. The recurring bass guitar riff, reminiscent of "De Selby (Part 2)," adds a layer of depth, showcasing Hozier's musical prowess.

"Wildflower and Barley," a duet featuring Allison Russell, takes a lighter tone compared to its predecessor. Russell's soaring vocals complement the laid-back nature of the song, creating a perfect backdrop for springtime contemplation.

"Empire Now" takes a political turn, referencing empires and revolution. With subtle nods to Ireland's struggle for independence, Hozier instills a sense of optimism for the future amid themes of violence and unrest.

Finally, "Fare Well" explores the consequences of indulgence, cleverly incorporating percussion to build tension and release. Hozier's lyrical creativity shines through analogies, painting a vivid picture of fleeting pleasures.

Each track on the EP aligns seamlessly with the thematic circles of Hell outlined in "Unreal Unearth," offering a continuation of the album's narrative. However, they also stand on their own merits, showcasing Hozier's versatility as an artist.

Fans of "Unreal Unearth" will undoubtedly find solace in the "Unheard EP." By releasing these songs that nearly made the album, Hozier blesses us with a deeper exploration of his musical and lyrical themes. In doing so, he invites listeners on a captivating journey through darkness and redemption, proving once again why his music resonates so deeply with audiences worldwide.