DePauw’s class of 2027 has arrived, and the academic year is in full swing. For first-years, the transition to collegiate life brings plenty of new priorities and necessities, with safety being one of them. DePauw is a safe campus for many reasons; however, it is still imperative to hold individual and collective safety with importance by knowing what resources are available and following tips to ensure a positive experience at DePauw.

The compact and walkable campus of DePauw works as a safety benefit. Everywhere on campus is reachable within 10-12 minutes on foot. The first-year residence halls exist in the same quad, the upperclassmen dorms are reasonably close together, and the roads of campus and downtown Greencastle are kind to pedestrian traffic. The foundation for a safe experience is already built in.

DePauw wisely connects first-years with safety resources as soon as they arrive on campus. First-Year Resident Assistants (RAs) meet with their residents on their first day to connect them with phone numbers for DePauw Police, Counseling Services, and the CARE Team. Additionally, they mention other resources, such as the Women’s Center, and they put up signage for action to take in the event of sexual assault.

Mentors and RAs also make sure that incoming first-year years know about DePauw’s Medical Amnesty Policy. If someone is having a medical emergency as a result of drugs or alcohol, the amnesty policy protects anyone who calls and cooperates with authorities from receiving significant sanctions from the university. This ensures that others will be incentivized to intervene in these situations. 

It is important to have phone numbers, emails, and policy knowledge at your disposal, but ultimately, changing your behavior will ultimately create a safe experience for you. Nightlife is quite popular at DePauw. Whether you decide to take part in it or not, you should know how to keep your friends and yourself safe when going to social, club, or personal events. 

One important thing to do is to travel with a group of friends. A group of four is adequate enough to deal with almost any adverse situation. In the event that someone in the group is put in any danger, three people who are able to attend to the person’s needs and find or call for help is the perfect amount. Additionally, walking to and from events in a group is important, too. Uncomfortable and dangerous situations are much less likely when there is the possibility of a whole group banding together. At an event or party, friends can get separated or choose to do different things, so it’s important to be a responsive communicator in order to keep up with changing plans or emergencies. 

The most important thing to do for your safety is to actually use these resources. It is essential that you are safe and healthy. Don’t worry about potentially inconveniencing others or keeping things quiet to avoid punishment or embarrassment –– if someone’s health is on the line, you should respond with an adequate level of severity and urgency. It’s good to be prepared, but it’s even better to act in a time of need. You only get one college experience, so don’t take your health for granted. 

Here are some numbers and emails to remember. 

DePauw Police (765-658-5555)

CARE Team (765-658-4270), (

Counseling Services (

Emergency/Crisis Services (765-658-4268) 

Sexual Assault Survivor’s Advocate (765-658-4650)