Blue Door Cafe announces early February re-opening


 café will re-open its doors for business in "early February."
The decision to reopen was made after many customers answered a call for feedback posted on the café's front door and website.
"We had enough responses that we decided to go ahead and do it-give it a shot," said Furr.
With the re-opening, there will be some changes. From now on the Blue Door will be open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m..
The revised hours will eliminate a lull during the afternoon and evening hours.
"It was the biggest part of our business hit after Starbucks opened," Furr said.
Additionally, there will be changes to the menu.
"It's going to be a little less made to order, not as much made from scratch," said Furr. "We had thought people knew that making things from scratch took longer but a lot of the feedback was that we needed to speed up service."
Also helping to quicken service will be changes to hourly menu options. Previously, the Blue Door served breakfast all day but now on weekdays breakfast will only be served until 10:30 a.m., when the menu will switch over to lunch.
"[Before] we'd be making a sandwich and then have to switch over to an omelet," said Furr. "Making both was slowing us down."
On weekends breakfast will continue to be served all day and the lunch options will be eliminated.
The popular drink menu will not experience any cuts.
"I'm not sure how much of this is already being done, but when spring rolls out we'll be doing Italian sodas in addition to everything else," said Furr.
Feedback was anonymous, but Furr said that certain comments had indications of both campus and the Greencastle community origins.
Senior Elizabeth Guerrero said she was happy to hear about the Blue Door re-opening.
"It's one of the best affordable places to meet up with friends for brunch around here," said Guerrero. "I'd hate to see it gone for good."
David Gordon, president of the DePauw ultimate frisbee team, said that he was also excited to see the team's sponsor re-open for business. Earlier this year, Gordon and the team created a partnership with Dennis' mother, co-owner Sue Furr. The Ultimate Frisbee team put the Blue Door logo on their jerseys and the café helped donate funds to the team.
"At meetings [Sue Furr] told me the business was doing poorly," Gordon said. "While Starbucks was making $14,000 a week, she was making almost nothing. Starbucks has good coffee and good pastries and a good atmosphere but they're everywhere. There's nothing really special about them."