Been There, Declared That


“If you know what you really want to do and you want to stick to it, that’s great. But if you’re in that middle zone like I was, then maybe a comm or an econ class or an anthro class might change your mind. You don’t have to rush it. It’s going to come naturally.”
Marycruz Baylon, senior

“Find your strengths as a student and write them down. Then try to figure out what kind of courses would apply to those strengths.”
– Maggie Campbell, sophomore

“Just talk to people that are in all of the majors. Get a feel for why they did it… see what their plans are afterwards. Talk to the professors – they want to help.”
– JD Powell, junior

“Meet with other faculty in the department, get to know them. What do they study? What do they teach? [You] might find that they click better with a faculty member that [you] haven’t had a course with yet.”
– Kelley Hall, associate dean of Academic Life

“Don’t freak out about declaring a major right away – it will all work out eventually.”
– Ashley Guevera, junior

“Do you go to college to get a job? Or do you go to college to get an education?”
– Garth Synnestvedt, junior