Been There, Declared That


"If you know what you really want to do and you want to stick to it, that's great. But if you're in that middle zone like I was, then maybe a comm or an econ class or an anthro class might change your mind. You don't have to rush it. It's going to come naturally."
- Marycruz Baylon, senior

"Find your strengths as a student and write them down. Then try to figure out what kind of courses would apply to those strengths."
- Maggie Campbell, sophomore

"Just talk to people that are in all of the majors. Get a feel for why they did it... see what their plans are afterwards. Talk to the professors - they want to help."
- JD Powell, junior

"Meet with other faculty in the department, get to know them. What do they study? What do they teach? [You] might find that they click better with a faculty member that [you] haven't had a course with yet."
- Kelley Hall, associate dean of Academic Life

"Don't freak out about declaring a major right away - it will all work out eventually."
- Ashley Guevera, junior

"Do you go to college to get a job? Or do you go to college to get an education?"
- Garth Synnestvedt, junior