B4U Kpop Dance Club heated up at Moore’s Theater on May 5 with their thrilling second showcase named "BE YOU." The event captivated an audience of students, faculty, and community members with powerful performances centered around self-belief, self-discovery, self-elevation, and social life.

The evening kicked off with the first chapter, "Self-Belief," featuring a dynamic mash-up of songs by 2NE1 and a dance originally performed by BABYMONSTER, alongside energetic routines to  "WANNABE" by ITZY. The performances, characterized by their sharp choreography and emphatic expressions, set high energy for the night.

As the showcase moved on to "Self-Discovery," the club members continued to impress with their dances of IVE’s "I AM" and "Shhh" by Kiss of Life. These performances were not just a display of dance but also an expression of the main character’s journeys toward finding her unique identity.

The third chapter, "Self-Elevate," included eye-catching performances to "BATTER UP" by BABYMONSTER and (G)-Idle’s "Queencard." The choice of songs reflected the club’s aim to inspire the audience to rise above challenges and celebrate their higher aspirations.

The night also touched on the importance of "Social Life," with exhilarating performances to "Back Door" by STRAY KIDS and "Burn It Up" by Wanna One. This segment brought to life the social aspects of self-expression through dance, showcasing the joy and communal spirit that K-pop dance can bring.

The showcase concluded with a fantastic performance of "Feel Special" by TWICE, a song that encapsulates the theme of recognizing and celebrating one's worth. This final act addressed the event's core message: "Be confident, be loved, be YOU."

Audience were inspired by the talented performers of the B4U Kpop Dance Club, who not only put on a spectacular show but also conveyed relatable messages through their art.