On Friday, April 26, the atrium of Green Center for the Performing Arts (GCPA) transformed into a vibrant hub of creativity and expression as it hosted the opening event of Art Walk Weekend. Students, faculty, and community members gathered during lunch hours to enjoy an eclectic mix of live performances and visual arts.

The event provided a platform for DePauw's talented students to showcase their artistic talents. Among the highlights were soul-stirring musical performances and an exhibition of stunning paintings paired with innovative costume designs all created by DePauw students.

Addison Bumbleburg '26 captivated the audience with her original pieces “Home” and an untitled song, which she performed with a guitar and heartfelt vocals. The performances resonated with many, reflecting relatable themes of belonging and introspection.

The musical ensemble also featured “[I’m confirming name of the piece]” – an intriguing collaboration between Sakura Mihoshino '27 on piano and Eihi Yoshinaga '25, on vocals, whose performance added a layer of emotive depth to the atrium. Ahnaf Labib '26 and Sami Cheema '26 delivered a moving rendition of “Something in the Orange,” their harmony of guitar melodies and vocals filling the atrium with a poignant atmosphere.

In addition to the musical acts, GCPA was delighted with an array of paintings, each accompanied by uniquely designed costumes. These pieces not only showcased the students' artistic skills but also their ability to innovate and blend different mediums of expression.

The event marked the beginning of  Art Walk Weekend, the time dedicated to celebrating arts at DePauw The university continues to foster an environment where the arts thrive, supporting a diverse range of creative endeavors that enrich the campus and wider community.