Applications down


Fewer students have applied for admission to the university after the application process went all-electronic this year.

According to Vice President for Admission and Financial Aid Dan Meyer, the university has received approximately 5,070 applications. This number is down from a record 5,200 applications turned in at the same time last year. Based on last semester's reports, the application influx has slowed, as the amount of received applications in October 2010 totaled 1,122, double its number of 672 in October 2009.

"This year's number is not quite as high as it was last year. We used to send out a paper application and now we're going all electronic," Meyer said. "In doing that, we knew we'd lose a few students who had applied paper that weren't going to apply electronically."

Even with this change, this is the second highest application total the university has had. However, currently the university is 2.7 percent behind its ideal application total. 

"On the positive side, we're actually about 200 ahead in the number of students that we've admitted at this point of time versus last year," Meyer said. "That reflects the strength of the students applying to DePauw. This year's pool is a very, very good pool from an academic perspective."

In addition to academically strong students, Meyer has also seen a rise in the number of male applicants this year.   

"It's about a 2 percent [increase] in the number of males that have applied," said Meyer. "I think that really reflects the aggressive nature of our athletic department in following up with students."

The university expects 100 new applications to come in, and 2,500 students have already been offered admission.

"I'd love to admit a minimum of 2,900, but closer to 3,000," he said.

The incoming freshman class will have between 620 and 640 students, which is slightly more than the size of the current freshman class.