Advice on the First Night Out


On October 31, first-year students are officially allowed on Greek property. DePauw administration put this rule in place so that first-year students can adjust to new homework loads and navigate living on their own for the first time without the added stress of party scenes. 

Greek property opens up doors to new faces, college drinking culture, and finding out what the Greek life at DePauw is really like. Two months of waiting for this moment brings up many questions and concerns for the freshman class about this newfound freedom. Members of The DePauw Staff and upperclassmen have answers to ease these concerns: 

“Is it okay to walk with just my gal friend or should we have one of our guy friends walk with us?” - First-year Katie Gansle

Yes! As long as you’re not walking alone. 

“How do I handle peer pressure to drink?”- First-year Kenzie Meyers

If you don’t like to say no, have a non-alcoholic drink in your hand to avoid people offering! Also, there are many upperclassmen who don’t drink and there is no shame to it. 

“How many costumes do I need?” - First-year Victoria Cohn

Typically, there are parties on campus on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, feel free to wear costumes any of those days! 

“Should I intervene if someone is put in  an uncomfortable situation with a guy or let them have fun?”- First-year Caroline Condra

If someone looks uncomfortable, they probably aren’t having fun. Use the three D’s of Green Dot, distract, delegate, or direct! 

“Do we need to be invited by upperclassmen or can we just show up?” - First-year Hudson Meyer

That depends. It’s always good to check with upperclassmen. 

“Just enjoy it! Be smart and go with people who have your back, and just don't overdo it there will be more nights out.”- Senior Jake Labus

“Don't feel the need to drink, or even go out in the first place.”- Junior Lucy Salter

“Don't be afraid to go up and introduce yourself, all the upperclassmen want to get to know you.” - Senior Wyatt Metzger

“Don't be the one who goes to the hospital... there’s always one.” - Senior James Foxworthy

“Just watch out for your friends, if they seem uncomfortable talking to someone, do what you can but remember it is not your responsibility to take care of everyone. Have fun!" - Junior Abbey Webb

“Don't worry if an older girl is trying to “rush” you or not, just have fun with your friends and even if you're nervous don't overcompensate with alcohol.” - Senior Lizzie Bell

Walking into new territory can be daunting, but first-years can find ease that upperclassmen are excited for their first night out. First-year students should walk with a group, stay hydrated, and have fun! As first-years transition from “dorm storming” to larger socializations, upperclassmen should be on the lookout to lend a helping hand and get to know these new students on October 31.