No piece of DePauw history or culture is more significant than the school’s rivalry with a certain school in Crawfordsville – Wabash. The rivalry comes to a boiling point in the historic Monon Bell game, where the two football teams compete for all the glory in the last game of the North Coast Athletic Conference’s (NCAC) football season. Despite being Division Three Athletics, the Monon Bell game is celebrated as an all-time great college rivalry and is watched nationwide. 

Monon isn’t just a game though, its festivities roll through the weekend. It’s a staple DePauw experience with all kinds of challenges and obstacles, so many that it deserves a survival guide of its own. If it’s your first Monon Bell game, follow these tips so that you can enjoy your weekend.

Tip 1: Dress for the Cold!

If you are a student going to the game: whatever you think you’re wearing to Monon probably isn’t enough. You will be absolutely miserable in whatever outfit you’ve picked out. The weather always manages to be at its worst during the Monon Bell game, despite what the forecast projects. Whether it’s the chilly whipping wind or the snow deep-freezing your toes, the cold finds a way to win. 

Even with these awful conditions, you can still be comfortable if you’re prepared. Wear five layers of socks to keep your feet warm, and wear boots if you have them. Hats and gloves will keep the coldest parts of your body warm. If you have any athletic wear that will help, you should absolutely wear it. Bring a blanket too, and if you’re feeling generous, bring extras. It’s a much better idea to be over prepared than underprepared, because if you aren’t, you’ll regret buying that $35 ticket. 

Tip 2: Figure Out Transportation

One thing to get a start on now is to make sure you have transportation to and from the game. This can be more of a problem than it seems. Many people want to enjoy the game, but not many want to drive. Planning on having a driver that will be completely sober is important in getting to and from the game safely. Setting up transportation in advance is important so you can arrive on time and safely. 

Tip 3: Take Care of Your Health

If there’s one campus-wide change after Monon, it’s the sicknesses running rampant across campus. Monon takes the already small DePauw campus and shrinks it even more. Social events and the game itself pack students together. Many first years get some kind of Monon sickness as a rite of passage. To help yourself out, do what you can to keep yourself healthy. Practice good hygiene by washing your hands, covering your coughs, and even cleaning your room. Additionally, getting flu or COVID vaccinations as soon as possible is also a good idea to avoid being sick during Thanksgiving or exams. 

Monon is a memorable DePauw experience, whether it’s a heartbreaking loss or a blowout win. Whether you’re going to the game or not, keep these things in mind to create a fun, safe, and easy weekend for yourself.