'21-22 DSG President and Vice President resign, declining further comment


DePauw Student Government (DSG) has undergone multiple changes in leadership roles throughout the past year, including resignations from the DSG President and Vice President. 

On November 22nd, 2021, the former DSG President D’Angelo McDade sent out an email to students alerting the resignation of the Vice President, John “Jack” Crain, which was effective on November 19th, 2021. 

On January 20th, 2022, it was announced to students via email that Demetrius Morrow would be taking the place of D’Angelo McDade as the student body president. 

“I look forward to taking on this opportunity with the utmost class and excellence. Together, we will continue to improve the academic and social climate on campus,” Morrow said in the email.

In regards to his time serving as the DSG president, McDade said that “My tenure as DSG president and executive Vice president were fulfilling and rewarding. I had the opportunity to work with amazing and hardworking people, and to truly advocate for the student body.”

McDade did state the reason for his resignation. Crain, alongside their faculty advisor, Dorian Shager, did not comment. 

The current DSG President explained how he got into his position on a WGRE broadcast called The State of The Castle.  

Jeffrey McCall, professor of communications, said that WGRE The State of The Castle is “a public affairs interview where they invite newsmakers on. These would be newsmakers from campus, but we also interviewed people from the community.”

McCall said that the show allows interviewers to go more in-depth on specific topics with individuals from DePauw’s and Greencastle’s community. 

Current DSG Student Body President Demetrius Morrow explained his future plans for students in an interview on the show on Feb 17.

According to the interview on WGRE’s soundcloud page, Morrow said, “I actually applied and was chosen by the senate to be the next Executive Vice President, and for some unforeseen problems or predicament, the President actually stepped down from his position, and as part of the DePauw constitution, I had to step in and take the role (of DSG president).”

In the interview, Morrow said he was appointed, and not elected for the position by the student body, but he thinks that no matter how he was elected, he is fit for the job.

“Someone like me was destined. I’m not gonna, you know, try toot my own horn or say anything to pick myself up. But when it comes to making sure that the students are enjoying themselves and are in a comfortable and safe environment and promoting the social and academic atmosphere on this campus, I think that I definitely fit the job in the description no matter what,” Morrow said to the interviewer. 

Morrow said that he would want to be DSG President, no matter how it happens.

In regards to his next term, he said that when there is an election (April 20-22, 2022), he is “definitely going to run again.” 

During his time as the DSG President, Morrow wants to focus on justice for sexual assault survivors on campus, bridging the gap between international students and domestic students, and making sure that students voices are heard. He would also like to plan a concert for students in the fall. 

He did not mention how he would go about tending to these issues. 

To meet with him personally, Morrow said to schedule an appointment in his google calendar. 

Morrow declined on behalf of himself and all members of the DSG cabinet to participate in an interview for this article. 

In the next DSG election, Morrow will run with Omar Hassan against James (JD) O’Keane and Muhammad Rafeh Jamil for the position of DSG President and Vice President.