2010 graduate receives Borst Fellowship


The Lawrence M. Borst Fellowship gives graduate students an opportunity to gain insight into the Indiana State Legislature. Named after a 38-year veteran of the Indiana state legislature, the fellowship is administered by the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs and the Senate Internship Program. In particular, it focuses on financial and budgetary problems.

This year, James Duncan ‘10 was honored with the fellowship. Through the fellowship, Duncan will work 20-hour weeks for a year and receive a $5,000 scholarship.

While working for the state legislature through the fellowship, Duncan will remain a graduate student at Indiana University at Indianapolis. He is pursuing a master’s degree in public affairs.

“They (graduate students) can understand more about the finances of the state, see first-hand how budgets define policy priorities and understand the impact they have on programs and people,” said Mary E. Borst, daughter-in-law of Lawrence M. Borst. “As they work as leaders in their respective communities, hopefully they’ll continue to build on the leadership qualities they’ve gained while working with Indiana government.”

Over the past few years, Duncan has gained the necessary skills and information needed for the fellowship through various internships. Not only has he interned with State Senator Connie Lawson, but he has also spent time in the office of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.

“Given the work I’ve already had the opportunity to do here at the Statehouse, this just seemed like a logical extension to take a more direct role and help support the legislators,” Duncan said.