Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Incident at University of Oklahoma Sigma Alpha Epsilon sparks reaction at...

Members of the Indiana Delta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon eat dinner on their front deck. SAM CARAVANA / THE DEPAUW ...

DePauw continues to discuss the 'M' requirement

LEANN BURKE / THE DEPAUW In the wake of the Day of Inclusion, many on DePauw’s campus have been working to continue...

LETTER: Professor encouraged student attendance at DePauw Dialogue

To the Editor, While I fully appreciate that there are important questions of policy and principle involved in mandating attendance of various...

University uses DePauw Dialogue and cancelled classes to teach social justice

Ashton Johnson speaks during a small group discussion over lunch. Attendees of DePauw Dialogue were randomly assigned a room where they conversed after...

Quickly planned DePauw Dialogue seen as a success, but “race heavy”

Dr.Derald Sue, psychology and education professor at Columbia Unviersity, answers a question from Patrick Evans, the Director of Admission for the DePauw School of...

DePauw University day of inclusion not seen as comprehensive

DePauw students fill Neal Fieldhouse before DePauw Dialogue. Many seats were empty after a break for lunch. SAM CARAVANA/THE DEPAUW ​DePauw...

UPDATE: DePauw University's day of inclusion programming no longer mandatory

NICOLE DECRISCIO / THE DEPAUW Update: The day's schedule is: 8:15 a.m. Neal Fieldhouse doors open, 9:00 a.m. Opening remarks from...

DePauw University to cancel classes for an inclusiveness discussion day

GRAPHIC BY NICOLE DECRISCIO / THE DEPAUW It’s not often that DePauw University cancels classes, especially if there is...

Social unrest grips DePauw University again

Professor Alejandro Puga opens up the discussion between DePauw students and professors concerning the diversity issues on campus. CHRISTA SCHROEDEL / THE DEPAUW...