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Editor of ‘The American Conservative’ explains conservative ideology and the right

McCarthy’s speech worked to identify the forces fighting to define conservatism in modern politics.

Panel reviews 2016 elections through racial, gender lens

Whereas Professor Peterson and Professor Riley honed in on race issues revolving the election, Professor Leigh-Anne Goins, Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, brought up the problem of gender.

Still Pining for Pence?

I am replying to “Presumptuous about Pence” not only because I feel that the author misconstrued my intentions, but also because I found some...

Stinebrickner looking back, looking ahead at U.S. presidential nomination process

Stinebrickner plans to emphasize research from other political scientists that critique the United States’s unique nomination system in her lecture

TurboVote TurboRocks

TurboVote is an online platform that has partnered with DePauw and other universities across the country to help students.

1 Fish 2 Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

With the election coming up just around the corner, many Americans are unsure who to cast their vote for. Should Americans vote for the...