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DePauw continues to discuss the 'M' requirement

LEANN BURKE / THE DEPAUW In the wake of the Day of Inclusion, many on DePauw’s campus have been working to continue...

OPINION: Why the “M” requirement is not enough

Senior Prindle Intern Rachel Hanebutt from  Huntington, Indiana.  After an emotionally-charged and educational first DePauw Dialogue, many are asking: “What's next?”...

DePauw Student Government passes 11 pieces of legislation this semester

From a white paper concerning a smoothie stand in the new Welch Fitness Center to a white paper concerning lighting along Burkhart Walk, DePauw...

EDITORIAL: Day of discussion, M requirement would do DePauw students good

  At an emergency faculty meeting Wednesday, DePauw University’s professors voted to cancel a day of classes in the spring semester for a...