Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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DePauw continues to discuss the 'M' requirement

LEANN BURKE / THE DEPAUW In the wake of the Day of Inclusion, many on DePauw’s campus have been working to continue...

EDITORIAL: Day of discussion, M requirement would do DePauw students good

  At an emergency faculty meeting Wednesday, DePauw University’s professors voted to cancel a day of classes in the spring semester for a...

DePauw University to cancel classes for an inclusiveness discussion day

GRAPHIC BY NICOLE DECRISCIO / THE DEPAUW It’s not often that DePauw University cancels classes, especially if there is...

#DearDePauw Makes an appearance on Social Media Websites

Recently, senior Ashton Johnson introduced the hashtag #DearDepauw on Twitter and it has since been picked up by other students and utilized on Facebook...

LETTER: Sociology and anthropology faculty on DePauw’s campus climate

As professional sociologists and anthropologists, we are committed to the scholarly examination of inequalities related to race, ethnicity, class, gender, ability and sexuality. We...

LETTER: Committee on Academic Policy and Planning on multicultural requirement

DePauw’s course catalog states, ”A DePauw education asserts that developing a global perspective and an appreciation and tolerance for a more diverse society are...

EDITORIAL: The DePauw can act as a forum for multicultural debate

One semester after “The Movement” catapulted the issue of racial equality on DePauw University’s campus to the forefront, a second wave is hitting. ...

Social unrest grips DePauw University again

Professor Alejandro Puga opens up the discussion between DePauw students and professors concerning the diversity issues on campus. CHRISTA SCHROEDEL / THE DEPAUW...

LETTER: DePauw's climate is what you make of it

While I won't presume to discount the personal experiences of students on DePauw's campus, I can certainly say that I am baffled at the...