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DePauw’s Class of 2024 Celebrates Graduation

Photos courtesy of Kisa Tamai '26 and Moe Kikuchi '27.   On Sunday, May 19, DePauw University hosted its 185th Commencement Ceremony, awarding 339 students from...

Celebrating Women’s Legacies at DePauw

March is Women’s History Month, a time to look at the contributions and achievements of women, past and present, and to celebrate them with...

Tiger love: Valentine's Day at DePauw

Many consider Valentine’s Day as a time to celebrate solely with a significant other through grand gestures, but Valentine’s Day at DePauw has turned...

Tigers celebrate Lunar New Year

Many international students on DePauw’s campus are celebrating Lunar New Year, which began on Feb. 1 this year. According to them, the celebration of...