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BUST-A-FIT: Alex Jackson talks Rico Nasty, being a black woman...

Byron Mason: We’re here with Alex Jackson. Artist, very stylish person. Tell me about your outfit from head to toe Alex Jackson: My shirt is...

Fire Hazards: a Bigger Priority than Sexual Assault

My friend and I were having a discussion the other day, and she told me a story that filled me with so much disgust...

International students push for more inclusion

 International students at DePauw University say they feel forgotten following changes to Greek recruitment dates early this semester. “It’s almost like CLCD ( Campus...

Rush dates confirmed

Some students sympathize with those who have to miss recruitment due to winter term return dates, but feel the change as still being beneficial for DePauw students.

Panel reviews 2016 elections through racial, gender lens

Whereas Professor Peterson and Professor Riley honed in on race issues revolving the election, Professor Leigh-Anne Goins, Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, brought up the problem of gender.

Independent Review Committee Update

The events of Sept. 23 prompted the formation of the Independent Review Committee, which was created under former-president Brian Casey.