Tiger Of The Week: Anna Foley

  1. You shot a 153 (75-78) at the Lynn Schweizer Invitational. What allowed you to be so effective? 

Since it was my 7th and 8th time playing the course, I felt like I was really able to use my previous knowledge from past years and know where to place the ball. Also, my driving and chipping were pretty effective this weekend, which is always encouraging. 

2. What are your goals for the remainder of the year? Individually and as a team? 

We have a very new top five  team since last year after losing three seniors, so I think our goal is just to start to learn how we work as this new top five, and just try to play the best golf we can. We are still a very talented team and know the courses, so we are excited for both fall and spring seasons. Individually, I am hoping to bring my scoring average down from last year and also just take everything in and really appreciate what it has been to compete for DePauw for four years. 

3. What made you fall in love with playing golf?

I have been playing golf since I was about eight, and I think my parents and grandparents really encouraged me. I don’t even really know what made me passionate. I guess I just looked up to and liked the people I played with and it made me love the sport too. 

4.Did you always know you were going to golf in college? 

I always knew that I didn’t want to stop competing after my junior golf days, and college was the perfect opportunity to extend that competitive golf mentality. D III gave me the perfect opportunity to focus on my academics that I am interested in as well as being a contributing member to this nationally ranked team.

5. Do you try to model your game after any specific athlete? 

I don’t know  any specific female or even male golfer that I have tried to model my game after. I think in golf it’s interesting because sometimes the way you learn is learning about how certain pros won a tournament, like if they made the most putts or had the best ball striking. So I think understanding how important different parts of your game are by modeling it after the best player on tour in that specific technique is the way I have used golfers as role models.