Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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DePauw Orchestra takes on challenging music for year's first concert

The DePauw Orchestra will be tackling a number of pieces designed to challenge them musically, as well as technically on Sunday, September 20. ...

Alabama Shakes frontwoman debuts thunderous new project

With the bio proclaiming, “Rock 'n’ Roll. The end”, "Alabama Shakes" fans can rejoice in the surprise release of “Thunderbitch”, the 10-track LP produced...

Submissions sought for student drama festival

Whether a story about a pair of star-crossed lovers, a buddy-cop comedy, a murder mystery, or a satire about the struggles about the life...

A Far Cry transports audience around the world on musical journey

Boston-based, self-conducted orchestra A Far Cry opened the Green Center’s Guest Artist series season Friday night with a performance that transcended national borders with the...

DePauw community jams to sound of student-run radio station

WGRE, DePauw’s student-run radio station, has been a fixture on campus since the late 1940s. In the over 60 years since its founding, it...

Heather McDonald, presents craft talk, plans to focus on professional, personal...

Playwright Heather McDonald looked out over a captive crowd to the Watson Forum Tuesday afternoon. When at home in the Greencastle apartment she is...

Grammy-nominated orchestra A Far Cry comes to DePauw

Tonight marks the beginning of a yearlong concert series hosted by the School of Music. Performing is the Grammy-nominated chamber orchestra A Far Cry....

Salsa tasting competition squelched by storms

The festivities of the second annual salsa tasting on the Greencastle square ended early as storms spoiled the fun. The competition was part...

DePauw film series’ first entry delights attendees

Without paying a dime, DePauw students are getting the opportunity to laugh, cry and learn, thanks to the DePauw University Film Studies Film Series....

DePauw alumni sheds light on Hispanic poverty

Even since he began walking the halls of East College and Asbury Hall in 1999, Juan Pedroza has cared about the trend of Hispanic...