Storm, Spoon, and Ty Segall


If my first semester of sophomore year had a soundtrack, it would probably be Spoon’s “Do You” from their 2014 album “They Want My Soul,” on repeat.

My friend Storm, whose fraternity house I frequented that semester, would blast this rhythmic track on his room’s clunky speakers for any and every occasion.

Whether he was relaxing with a book on his couch while bobbing a bare foot crossed over his knee, playing a mindless game of Super Smash Brothers, pre-gaming before house parties, diligently plucking crushed Hamm’s cans from the sticky wooden floor after a long night of playing caps, or snickering through the room’s corner window while watching people make fools of themselves on the front lawn, Storm listened to “Do You” like it was a broken record. In Storm’s room, “Do You” occupied any void in conversation.

In January, the Austin indie-pop band released “Hot Thoughts,” the title track from its recently-announced ten-track album, expected to drop on March 17 via Matador. “Hot Thoughts” will be the twenty-four-year-old band’s ninth album.

Producer David Fridmann joined Spoon as co-producer for this album, which—if the lightly detached, bouncy reverberations heard on the title track are any indication—will contain some new variations while staying true to the band’s established flavor. One can only hope Storm finds a track as versatile as “Do You” from “Hot Thoughts.”

March 17 is a big date to keep on the radar, as the luck o’ the Irish will not only bring us a new Spoon album, but also an EP from solo do-it-all artist Ty Segall. After releasing an extensive and thunderous self-titled LP in January, Segall will be back for more garage shredding in just a couple weeks with “Sentimental Goblin.”

To check out Spoon’s “Hot Thoughts” and tracks from Ty Segall’s self-titled album, tune in to WGRE 91.5.